We were too tired of playing with sleeping pad

So we created a new shin pads. We knew that we share this problem of playing with too big, uncomfortable and heavy shin pads with many footballer. Some of us were playing with sleeping pads, some of us with beer trays....sure you know it! We wanted to sort this problem and we have succeeded! After few months of work we have created the unique flexible shin pads with the option of custom imprinted. That`s how the FOUL brand was established in 2017.


Štěpán Rybníček

Even if I tried for a while, I have not become a star in football world. I played junior league for SK Sigma Olomouc, FC Hlucin or MFK Karvina. My greatest success between adults was 3rd league, where I met Pavel. Currently, I work as a UX designer for Notino company. I am trying to apply my experience from this truly big e-shop in our company as well. I enjoy creating new things and many new ideas how to improve come to my mind every day.


Pavel Chalupa

Football have become very important part of my life since my early childhood. Thanks to this sport, I have found an everyday passion and inspiration. As a junior I played for FC Vysocina Jihlava, as an adult I played 3rd Czech league. I do not like stereotype. I love challenges and new experiences. Despite many difficulties, hard training, pain and joy, I am glad to keep good direction of my life and od what makes me happy with the feeling of being able to create something. I manage many things in our company. All of that I try to do with maximum care and professionalism.