How to make a custom imprinted shin pads?

Do not worry, it is easy! Watch the video, instructions below or you can contact us for directly. Make a shin pads with custom imprinted is very easy. Describe us how you would like them to be and attach the picture. We will send you the draft of graphic design to confirm before the realization.

Step 1

Choose your color

You can choose between black and white and we will print your own design on it. With the custom design, the rim will be in that chosen color. What will be on the inside is your choice!

Step 2

Choose you size

Choose the size according to your preference of larger or smaller shin pads.The size of chosen shin pads does not matter on your age or height, because you can adapt them to any shape of the shin. Very favorite variant are shin pads size 15 cm. We also find this size as the best choice for you.

Step 3

Describe and upload the pictures

Press the button "make a custom imprinted" the modem window will show out, where you can describe us how you would like you shin pads look like and upload the pictures you wish to have on you shin pad. Make the final check and add your shin pads in basket.

Step 4

Complete the order

You can add some sock or gaiters. If you have everything you need, complete the order as usual. You will receive the confirmation in your e-mail box once you send the order.

Step 5

Find a draft of your shin pads in you e-mail box

After you complete your order, we will send you the draft of your custom shin pads to the provided e-mail address. If you like the design, press the button in your email to confirm the order. If you do not like the design, email us your comments and remarks to correct.

Step 6

Done. Thank you!

If you come up to here, your order is completely done and your custom shin pads are in production. You should receive your shin pads within 5 days. We will be delighted if you could write us a review on FB for example.You can also take a picture and add #foul or @foulcz.